In Loving Memory of Michael Channer

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"Always A Perfect Gentleman"
by Melissa Visentin

17 Sept 2004

You look over, smile at me and say "Hello Beautiful" and kiss my cheek. Such a simple gesture was all it took for me to fall in love with you day after day.

You taught me to love, follow my heart and have the strengh to live a dream. Without your wisdom and unselfish love I would not be the person I am today. And for this I thank you.

Melissa Visentin
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

"The Power of a Dream"
by Gwenna and Charlotte
Michael and Gerry, Oct. 03
Michael and Gerry, Oct. 03

17 Sept 2004

Through the shock and horror of Michael’s tragic death we hold onto images of Michael through the years -- from the small baby who visited Saskatoon in 1980 (and who slept, as I recall, in a sort of hammock strung up in the VW Camper) to the young man we saw in October 03 on a visit to The Herb Garden. A photo from that visit is posted here – Mike and Gerry, arms comfortably around each other’s shoulders. In between are many pictures and memories of Mike – going biking, polishing his boots before going to cadets, singing in the church choir, working in the garden.

Sharon and Gerry describe Mike as "kind and thoughtful, hardworking, independent and committed" – all characteristics that they modeled for him and which they fostered in his life. To this we would add a zest for life and an openness to adventure, again attributes shaped by his parents but which Mike lived out in his own way.

While it is hard to believe that all of Mike’s enthusiasm for life, his successes in reaching his dream of becoming a pilot, and his openness to the future are gone, his too-short life left many legacies. Perhaps the most important is the power of a dream. Thank you, Mike, for living out your dream. May we all honor your life by taking up your challenge to follow our dreams.

We send our love and prayers to Sharon and Gerry, and all Michael’s family and friends.


Gwenna and Charlotte
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Note from Peter Vandrish

17 Sept 2004

This moment is dedicated to the memory of Mike who was a great and generous friend to my family and I.
He is an inspiration to anyone who knows him.

Peter Vandrish

"To Sharon and Gerry with love"
by Karen Seabrooke

17 Sept 2004

Sharon and Gerry,

Thank you so much for creating this web site in Michael's name; it is beautiful. I just want to send my condolences to you both. I didn't know Michael really, but I met him several times over the years - as a boy at your home on Richmond Road near Dwyer Hill road and as a teenager and young man, most recently at the Herb Garden. He struck me as an intelligent, pleasant, self-assured and self-contained person. I remember your stories about Michael, how he would tease you about putting herbs in everything. Mosly I recall that whenever you spoke of him, you did so with great respect and warmth. My thoughts are with you both at what must be an almost unbearable time. Try to take comfort in the fact that he did himself and you two proud, and all three of you were so lucky to have the love of each other.
Best wishes,

Karen Seabrooke

"How I remember Michael"
by Matthew Astier

17 Sept 2004

My memories of Mike are few and far between, but one thing that stands out about him from those precious few experiences was his incredibly high energy.

From the first day we met when he was around 5 or 6 years old, I remember running with him through beautiful farm fields, climbing up hay stacks and exploring an old barn on his parents farm.

In later years (when Mike was 10 to 13 years old) I saw him more often. From organized feasts on the Herb farm, to dropping in during bike rides with my cousin Dan (who was close friends with him), to journeying through the UFO "haunted" fields in the area... in all these I remember Mike being full of energy, happy, excited and always ready to explore.

I have always regreted the missed opportunity to go live with the Channer family for a month in Sri Lanka, and now with Mike's passing, that regret is even stronger. I can only imagine what memories I would have carried of Mike if it had happened.

But, from this tragedy, the few memories I have of Mike have come alive. They are reminders of how precious our time is here.

Mike... my thoughts are with you. I will meet you in my dreams. Let's go run through some fields together.

Matthew Astier
Aylmer, Quebec

"872 Kiwanis-Kanata Royal Canadian Air Cadets"
by Capt. Cliff Turner, CD

17 Sept 2004

Mike was a great Cadet with 872 Kiwanis-Kanata Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. He made many friends and many memories through his association with the Squadron and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Condolences from the Cadets, Staff and Sponsoring Committee of 872 to your family and friends.

Commanding Officer
872 Kiwanis-Kanata RCACS

Capt. Cliff Turner, CD
Kanata, Ontaro

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