In Loving Memory of Michael Channer

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"Deepest sympathy from Norman Carr Safaris"
by Christina

17 Sept 2004

Mike had been staying with us at Kapani Lodge while he was in the South Luangwa. We are all so shocked and upset by his loss. He was that rare thing - a true gentleman, he will be sadly missed. Our very deepest sympathies go to his family and friends.

South Luangwa Zambia

"Dear Mike"
by Colleen

17 Sept 2004

Dear Mike

I don't think that I thanked you enough for all the help that you gave me during the short time that we knew each other!

You were an absolutely wonderful person and it was really great knowing you!

My absolute,heartfelt condolences to your family and friends everywhere!

Much love,

Johannesburg,South Africa

"A Childhood Best Friend - Never to be Forgotten"
by Sheryn McGregor-Sauvé

17 Sept 2004

From the time they first met as 3 year olds until we moved from Munster Hamlet, my son Brad and Michael were best friends. They spent time together at school, at church, at Beavers and at each other's homes.

At their first Beaver's camp on the Ottawa, their dads, Gerry and Jerry, went along for the weekend. That Sunday morning at church, Sharon and I found out that the two boys had gotten lost together for about 2 hours but were thankfully found albiet oblivious of the search that had gone on - they were on an adventure!

I loved to see Michael's smile. He was always polite and a bit shy, but underneath you could see his love of life.

Although Brad and Michael didn't keep in touch in later years, Brad still has kept Michael's letters, postcards, pictures and gifts from afar (a wooden elephant).

Michael, we love you and will miss your spirit but it will live on in our memories. Our deepest sympathies, thought and prayers to Gerry and Sharon. God be with you all.

Sherri, Pierre, Brad and Luke

Sheryn McGregor-Sauvé
Ottawa, Ontario

A word file with pictures of Michael and Brad together

by Dan Vandrish

16 Sept 2004

It's hard for me to try and explain my feeling for mike.. He was my best friend and a brother. There is not point in my past where I don't think back to some great time that doesn't evolve Mike. We've been together since I was 4 months old.. It's a great shock to me to lose someone so great. Saying this I can't even begin to imagine how much pain Gerry and Sharon are going through. But I am here for them like they have always been for me. All I really want to say is that Mike touched so many people so deeply that I know his sprit will live on forever..

Till we meet again.

Dan Vandrish

"My daughter's Best Friend"
by Sharon Fumerton

16 Sept 2004

Mike was my daughter Julie's best friend. He was her role model,friend, advisor, and pillar of strenth. He was always there for her,at any given time. When not in person, there was always the phone or e-mail. He was like the brother she never had. She was very sad to see him leave.
They met threw Air Cadets, and soon became inseperable. We were very fond of Mike and we are honoured and blessed to have known him. I have photos of Mike I would like to share sometime.We will all miss him more than words can describe.I can't imagine what Sharon & Gerry are going threw, but my deapest thoughts are with them.
They were truly blessed with such a great son.
Although he was with us for such a short while, I am certain he touched each of us in a special way.
Julie will collect her thoughts and I know she will add her story. Our deapest condolances to everyone who were fortunate enough to have known Mike Channer.

Sharon Fumerton
Carleton Place

"We are deeply saddened"
by Geoff Channer

16 Sept 2004

We, Mike's uncle, aunt and cousins in Halifax, Nova Scotia, are deeply saddened by Mike's tragic death.

On the occasions when we met Mike, he impressed us all with his enthusiasm for life and his passion for flying.

He had a quiet, thoughtful manner about him that left a lasting impression.

Our thoughts and love are with Gerry and Sharon.

Geoff, Angela, Karen and Greg.

Geoff Channer
Halifax, N.S.

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