In Loving Memory of Michael Channer

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"Happy Birthday, Mike!"
by Gerry & Sharon
Always ready for a flight
Always ready for a flight

21 Apr 2006

Thinking of you every day, Mike. Your spirit lives on as a shining inspiration to us and all your friends, family and colleagues. We live with wonderful memories.

Mom and Dad

Gerry & Sharon

"Old Pictures"
by Joe Lattuca
Graham and Mike
Graham and Mike

2 Feb 2006

On my trip back to California to visit my family i went through some old picture boxes and i came across these two. I think it was 1994 but i can't say for sure; thought i would share a little of how we remembered him.

Joe Lattuca
Pepperell, MA

The crew from left to right, Gus Burgess, Mike, Jason Kingsland, Mark Hockenhull, Megan Grant and Ben Woodward


1 Feb 2006

It has been over a year since the loss of my best friend, and this is the first time I have been able to talk about it.
Please understand that the relationship I had with Mike was one that very few people in the world ever get to expierence... and I may never experience that again. We were two very different people from two very different worlds, but we both needed one another very much. I would not be half the person I am today with out the influence of Mike, he allways went above and beyond... I could sit here all night and tell you stories about the CRAZY things Mike's done for me, like the time I was an the verge of a nervous break down, and he took me to New York City for week or so... he always new just what to do, and when to do it! But more importantly, he never did any thing half-assed, GO BIG OR GO HOME... Mike use to say.
I still visit our pond, it was our spot, close to home, but not too close. We must have spent over 500 hours there! It feels cold and dark now when I go, but it's the only place where if I'm quiet enough... I can still hear his soft voice whispering in the wind.
Well I'm enguaged now, to a man who reminds me very much of Mike, his name is Adam Collins. I promised Michael that he could be my maid of honor, but I'm going to let Natasha do it now if it's all right with you Mike. All my love and best wishes Sharon and Gerry, you are both very strong, and know that you're not alone!

Carleton Place

"I just miss ya"
by Katie

21 Sep 2005

I just miss ya, and ocasionally is seee you pop out in one of my students, and i think, you would love my stories! i miss you. BUNCHES!!!!



"Living the dream"
by Joe Lattuca

12 Sep 2005

A year has come and gone, and still I miss my friend Mike. On one of my visits back home to Canada I met up with Mike at the airport. I given him some money to buy me a ticket for the Cadet ball (which i wasnt' able to make but he never bought the ticket anyways). So in exchange for my measley 50$ he took Gus and myself up in the ol' cessna 172 at Carp Airport. It was a great time, for once i was with two good friends enjoying the freedom of the skies. He gave me a quick lesson in the air asking if i could turn the aircraft i did, in a slight slow 12degree bank when i completed the turn. He turned and said "that's not how you turn a plane, this is how you make a turn..." He then proceeded to dip the wing almost 70 degrees down and pulled on the yoke. We must have spent 2 hours up in that plane, finally after tossed us around a bit in his 'roller coaster' we were ready to land. Mike turned to me and said 'you ever landed before?' i shook my head and he said 'well you can line it up if you want..' after a few careful moves i managed to line it up pretty well, and we were ready to land. it was perfect so smooth, not even a hop. That was his style smooth like silk. Later that day he drove me to the airport so i could fly back to Mass, I miss my friend but everytime i look up i see us laughing and bouncing around above Ottawa in that small orange cessna with the airport yelling over the radio 'foxtrot yankee zulu, where are you going?!?!'

Joe Lattuca

"A bookish way to honour and remember Mike!"
by Helen Palmer
One of Zurich's Teddies looking after a book for Mike!
One of Zurich's Teddies looking after a book for Mike!

9 Sep 2005

As it came closer to today, I wanted to do something positive and active to honour Mike and to remember his life. I decided to buy and collect books that had some relevance to Mike, and leave them for other people to find!

This is called bookcrossing -! Each book gets a label inside with a unique Bookcrossing ID. When someone finds the book, if they enter this number into the website, you can track the book's journey. It's a great excercise in serendipity, and a wonderful way for other people to find out about Mike and his life! Click here to find out more about bookcrossing.

It's been a beautiful day here in Zurich, and I took an hour to wander around town and leave the right books in the right places. I spent time yesterday in a charity bookshop in Zurich, buying the right books to honour Michael and remember his life. I was really happy with my choices - i got travel guides for Africa, Sri Lanka, London and Canada, plus a novel about flying in Africa. I had 2 books here at home to release, one about 2 friends who go travelling and remember a friend of theirs who has just died, and a wonderful book called "The 5 people you meet in Heaven."

If you want to find out more, here's the information about my bookcrossing challenge
"Capt." Mike Channer Bookcrossing Challenge (Click on each book title in turn to find out more about why I chose that book, and where I left it!)

There's more photos here

My thoughts today are with all of Mike's friends, family, collegues, but especially with Gerry and Sharon, and Melissa.

Helen Palmer
Zurich, Switzerland

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